Tuesday, September 30, 2008


TK had just been put up for nomination once again alongside Uti and Munya this week and when he was called on by Big Brother to replace himself with any other housemate of his choice since he was head of house, Uti said to him; "Sorry brov" seeing that it should be difficult to keep putting other housemates up single handedly. But TK replied; "Sorry for what? Thank God for Social Studies"!
He had become head of house after winning the task that had them answer questions on African facts. Once again, the intelligence (or the lack of it) of the housemates was thoroughly exposed when questions like 'What is the capital of Senegal?' and 'What was the popular Mohammed Ali fight in the former Zaire called?'; were completely flunked by the housemates and TK came out flying.
Anyways, I started this week's post with TK because against the popular tide, he really is beginning to be a favourite of mine! Now it still doesn't mean that I won't burn that brown-black sweater/cardigan/jersey thing he's always wearing, whenever I get my hands on it; neither does it mean that I now suddenly like the fact that he's perpetually on slow motion when moving or even doing something as effortless as smoking. It just has everything to do with the guy's brains and ability to tuen the game around and not give a f*%k about it!
For the first time since BBA3 started, there was a lot to talk about, in one week all because TK was head of house and took control. He played mind games with everyone and seemed to be the only one who's bold enough to actually say that he's playing the game (seeing that the others have watched so many BB's before now and are actualy pretending to play the game but still do not know how to play it). He summed it up when there was a conversation amongst the housemates and they went on and on about how nominations were difficult because "we're getting closer by the day" to which TK replied; "No they are not difficult. Isn't that why we are here?"
But seriously, like BB Nigeria's Frank will say; "TK, that top has gatta go"!


Last week, I was 101% sure that Uti would leave. It made practical sense at the time and for some reason it still does. But then "voters are crazy" (remember BB Nigeria's Gideon said that after Maureen was evicted and he got evicted the next week just for saying that). Lucille got kicked out against many expectations simply because people thought she was a sly fox. I kinda thought so too with the way she kept pulling Ricco and Munya towards and away from her all at the same time. But inspite of the way I felt, I was still sure that Uti would leave.

But my boy obviously touched some muti (South African juju) before sunday! somehow, he not only survived the eviction but did so by miles. Now What I don't know is how strong his muti is to last another week especially after his violent reaction to Lucille's eviction...

But even after predicting that Uti would win, I hoped Lucille would leave instead so maybe once again, I should predict that Uti will leave and yet wish that someone else leaves. Maybe that way, he'd be safe again. But even the hardest of hearts had to melt after seeing Lucille leave the house. I thought it was hilarious initially but then, she kept shaking and fighting back her tears and I thought to myself, how does anyone break up with a chic like this? She'll probably just die in your arms...


My apologies to the popular Kenyan group, 'Necessary Noise' but these housemates seem to have taken that title a little too far. They probably think that the more dramatic they are, the more interesting they tend to be.

The noise and drama after Lucille's eviction, was the final straw.

Uti takes the Oscar here for breaking everything in sight. What I am not sure of is whether he was breaking things 'cos he was really sad that Lucille had left or because it was his way of showing how excited he was at being saved by Africa's votes. I for once had a problem with Uti's actions. What was all the drama for? For someone who wasn't even known to be particularly close to Lucille, it was a bit surprising to see him react that way!

Then Mimi's tears were the funniest! Not because they were unnecessary but mostly because she just doesn't have the prettiest face when she cries! Why did she do that to the viewers? An sms that came in after she cried said it all; "The only thing wrong with Mimi crying about Lucille leaving is that every baby on the continent cried on seeing her scary face!"


When this show started, everyone expected Ricco, Uti and Morris to be the players in the house. They were good looking and appeared to be smooth operators. Ricco was quick to show that he could be a player, jumping around with every chic (and somehow getting them voted out subsequently). Uti seemed to be taking his time (and still is) while Morris was basically used and dumped without remorse. No one gave TK a flying chance to be the one in charge of 2 girls. But in the last couple of weeks, the guy has taken over and has found himself in the weirdest triangle ever!

Sheila likes him a lot (whether it's simply cos he's head of house is talk for another day) and has kissed him severally. They share a bed and might have actually had their groove on at some point. But before Sheila, there was Tawana who had given TK a good "head" start early on in the show, under the sheets. She left the house for a week and came back and has since tried to reclaim her property (TK)!

But Sheila had another plan up her sleeves. So now she says she has a crush on Tawana (yeah Tawana's a she), who does not mince words about her sex perversions and how she needs to have sex regularly. Tawana on the other hand, does not mind that TK is with Sheila as long as she can have him whenever she wants him back!

Such nutters...


Okay, it's not like I haven't been on a BB show before so I should know a few things. Whoever the producers of the show this time around are, are very passive with their duties. I have watched the show several times and seen the housemates whispering, passing notes and discussing nominations so openely that it defeats the essence of the show! This is not Survivor where anything goes and so it beats me that the producers cannot handle the housemates and put them in line! The viewers are not particularly excited when they see the housemates talk into one anothers' ears! We payed to hear everything they say and they signed up to do same.

It really sucks that Gideon on BB Nigeria (for example) kept being punished for speaking in low tones (not even whispering) and these guys get away with the worst of the lot!


Ricco has suddenly developed a reputaion for dating (or attempting to date) a chic, getting her evicted and then quickly moving on to another one who would most likely get evicted again. First it was Latoya, then Lucille and now Mimi seems to be getting into the picture gradually.

He consoled her after Lucille left (shouldn't he be the one upset while she consoles him instead?) and since then, they've been getting closer. Yep, they'd always been gossip buddies but never been as touchy feely as they have been in the last few days since Lucille's departure! I'd like to see if Ricco gets her to be more intimtae with him as they already shared a bed in the penthouse on monday. It would be more interesting though to see if he gets her evicted too. Watch this space...


First, I searched for TK and since then he has come out in full force. Then I looked for Hazel who though has not come out so much, is beginning to be talked about a lot by the likes of Sheila and Mimi for being shady and sneaky!

But now Morris is definitely the missing one. Ever since he was nominated in the first week and subsequently treated like thrash by Latoya, it's been downhill for him. The poor guy just doesn't seem to be anywhere unless Uti is somewhere beside him. Infact, he has become more like Uti's sidekick and I know for sure that if Uti leaves (which should be never), the guy might just drown in his biceps! How does a guy so large be so anonymous? After Latoya, I have no memories of him and he sucks!

He needs to get off Uti's back and be obvious. If that is a strategy then it might be working for the housemates who actually haven't noticed him since the first week but definitely not for the viewers. Wake up dude!!!

See you next week when hopefully Ricco would have headed home...


Habeeb said...

Its Munya who is leaving not Ricco. Even though i dont really like Uti's reaction when lucille left, i think majority of the viewers like drama, the dude was in love with lucille and if you watched the show well, he disclosed to Morris once and was waiting for the right time to show his feelings since he wasnt the only one that felt the same way for her, he might have over reacted but i think all that tantrum was to hold back himself from crying....it sucked to see himself cry and hence the outburst, but lets see how it goes, there is no way uti is leaving. Munya goes..

Omosewa said...

Chei, where do i start. I think i'm gonna stop watching this week because the comments are getting to me, and i no know Uti from anywhere. I love the dude 'cause he is just all kinds of entertaining.
When i watched his reaction to Lucille's eviction, i was laughing like crazy, he's a clown.

I also heart Ricco very much and im sure that with or without his help, whenever Mimi comes up for eviction, she's a goner. I dont know why she's hating on Uti, silly chic.

Sheila and TK are just ewwwwwwy, most uncute couple, and doesnt he have a gf,nawa.

As for Morris, i love his accent, its funny, and really he's like there but not there, just like Hazel, she's extremely boring.

I hope that Munya goes just because Uti and Ricco rock. See my epistle o, no one else watches with me, i hope you understand:D

Omosewa said...

LMAO@ the mimi text, i will laugh all day.

Dmenks said...

Uti has explained why he reacted the way he did. In case you never knew, he has always had a thing for Lucille and told Morris more than once but he couldn't act on his feelings because there were others on the girl's case already. It was a mixture of relief, guilt and frustration over the fact that he didn't have a chance to act on his feelings and the girl was shaking from the fear of eviction and he kept reassuring her that she wasn't leaving but she left and there was nothing he could do about it.
I will not blame him for his actions because until you are faced with such a situation, you never know how you would react. I believe he will restrain himself next time.

uchevelli said...

expected the unexpected in the Big brother house... the drama has just started... all in the name of entertainment...nothing is impossible... i am thinking of checking my self into a rehab to rid me of BBA addiction... funny indeed.

Damolah~Munyalicious! said...

Yep! the week that was...absolutely dramatic! im sorry but in my humble opinion, Uti shld leave there soon...not necessarily now...but soon...JMHO!!! i mean every1 that watches big brother knows that a little diplomacy always helps to get far in the game. just a little bit of it... uti is too outspoken 4 this ish! obviously, hes entertainin and wld hav bin teh viewers fave if not for sum of his excesses... i think he needs to chill a lil. im gettin tired of him. wot was that drama 4? was he auditioning 4 a movie role???

i totally luv munya so i want ricco out this week but ricco isnt goin. its between uti and munya...

Morris is the most boring nitwit ever, he makes me sooo sick to my stomach.
Hazel is even worse, i cant even stand her convos...

The lust triangle is sooo disgustin, by the way tawana and sheila were touchin themselves under the covers on friday nyt...then she ended up kissin TK in bed that nyt- sheila officially lost me as her fan that day!

I think uti and Munya messed up nominating each other and then the HOH cos whoever each of them nominated could have come up 4 nominations cos most other housemates had 2votes each!

as 4 TK, he is sooo gone once he is up.. he confessed that he cheated to win the HOH task... wot was biggie thinking allowing him do the substitution? the credibility of the whole show is in question!

Nice blog Ebuka... hope to read from u next week!

Keep it munyalicious!!!!

2hot4fendi said...

OMG, his drama was a tad excessive but I understood he was hurting. Trust me, if he was hiding his excitement at not getting evicted he wld have given Lu a farewell hug @ least. She wasn't my fav hsemate but I still shed a random tear when she left.
I was embarrassed by Uti's lack of tact but hey, if Richard cld win BBA2 kini big deal???
The lust triangle is sooooo disgusting, ewwww!!!1
I hope Munya leaves this week too, cos Rico and Uti are my major favs, can't stand mimi, biach!!!
biggie is obviously slacking in his duties o, to think TK cheated on HOH task? ridiculous...

Tony said...

Uti is really an A-Hole. His parents must be embarrased. No intellect whatsoever. He can't read situations at all. The only reason he is still in their is because people want to see Mimi suffer. MIMI single handedly evicted Lucille. Viewers hate her with passion.