Tuesday, September 9, 2008


When I decided to blog about BBA 3, it was mostly because I thought I would watch the show as often as possible as well as be very interested in every move in the house. But for some strange reason, I don't find myself so into the show. People have said that they think it's the best BB ever, some others think it is the most boring thing on TV since the Network News but I'm not sure if either of these has been my reason for not being so interested in how things have been panning out.
I find myself watching more online videos (thank God for those) than the actual show on TV and it does not make any sense. So do I have a case of 'TMBBFPSWNMMFUWW' (Too Much Big Brother From The Past Seasons Which Now Makes Me Fed Up With Watching)? Or am I just a sore viewer?
Anyways, here's what I got from this past week. And yeah, hope I get the nominations right this time (with my BB website induced error from last week; saying Munya nominated Lucille)...

Sorry I'm late with the post this week!


For some reason, events from the past week seem to make me believe that most of the housemates came into the house with a serious intention to be somebody else, or to at least conciously try to entertain us or be controversial. There just seems to be a serious effort all the time to be something when we can all see that they really do not have to be anything but themselves. Someone is always trying so hard to be the flirt, another is consciously trying to be bossy, we have some others who think that they have to be gangster to be cool. Ricco even mentioned to the boys that they should come up with a unique handshake amongst themselves like the guys "from the last Big Brother did"! Is that important? Maybe I'm just reading too much into nothing...

I might not be seeing right but several desperate situations to be the 'IT' Big Brother group, just keep jumping at me and yeah, it does bother me!


Ever heard of John Eke Uti, a.k.a. the Great Power Uti? Well, he was a Continental Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion from Nigeria, known mostly for his tough talk before his bouts.

But Nigeria's very own BB rep., Uti Nwachukwu surely does not care about wrestling seeing that he is a model and has shown so far that he is not just beauty without brains (that bros smart gon!) But he did provide me with one of my 3 major highlights for this week when he almost folded and flushed Lucille down the toilet. I liked the entire drama especially since it came at a time when no one expected (who doesn't love surprises). But what I liked the most was the way he told Lucille in the rawest of Bini accents you would ever get anywhere, to; "GO AND DIE"!!! I could not stop laughing at that. It was so Nigerian and it surely did hit a nerve.

Whatever anyone wants to say about Uti being a chauvanist and insensitive to women makes no sense to me. They are all in the house to win and if a brother sees or hears something that he feels might undermine his chances, can he be allowed to vent? Abeg ee...


One of the best things about BBA 3 so far has to be those fake evictions. For once, even the viewers were shocked. At least, I was. I had no idea that Thami and Morris would get to see who nomintaed them. It really got me thinking about what I would have done if I was one of the 10 other housemates. I remember that the first 2 people up for nomination in BBN were Ichemeta and Yinka and I had actually nominated both of them. It surely woud have sucked really bad for me if they had come back into the house after seeing who nominated them.

So in times like these, it surely was a lot of fun being a viewer. I loved every bit of it especially the part where Thami was told to leave the house and he screamed "No way"! I feel bad for them too because there really is no way for them to use that information to their advantage but it sure does feel good to know who wanted you axed.

I thought Morris (like he always does), was a little too dramatic with the whole thing though, with him pacing and dazing into space after going back into the house. What was that all for?

But what topped the entire episode for me was when the nominations for this week commenced. Morris' first nomination was Thami! What? After it seemed like they had planned their revenge together, with their little talk by the bathroom after coming back into the house? I thought they suddenly shared a bond with the fake evictions. I sure didn't see that one coming... There should have been an evil laughter (muhahahahaa) playing in the background when Morris nominated with his little finger in his mouth, Dr. Evil (Austin Powers) style...


Before I forget, did anyone see that supposed live show on sunday, which seemed mostly lifeless? Apart from the eviction twist and KB who has upped his game, everything else seemed kinda slow. I dunno but something needs to be added to those events. They have been mostly unwatchable right from the entry show. From the very scanty crowds, to the sorry dancers, to the weird performances, things just haven't clicked. SAD!!!

CRY ME A RIVER; NO $100,000!!!

Is it me or have there been more tears in BBA3 than there were on BBSA 1 & 2, BBA 1 & 2 and BBN combined! On the first (fake) eviction night, there seemed to be a crying fest and they all felt stupid when the 2 housemates walked into the house; Ricco burst out in tears after leaving the diary room and probably feeling guilty that he didn't save Latoya as head of house; Lucille has cried quite a bit and Uti sure was a big part of her 3 minute storm in the diary room. It was even Tawana's reason for nominating her. But Tawana herself let it flow on nomination night in what I felt was the most ridiculous day on BB! She went on and on about being scared and wondering how Morris handled things the week before, talking about how she doesn't like to play games, bla bla bla!!!

For crying out loud (every single pun intended) why did you sign up for a game then? I like Tawana's in ur face bitching and bossy attitude. It just adds a little spice to the house. But crying over a nomination? C'mon, even Maureen from BBA 2, could handle it!

I'm not sure if Tawana cried simply to get Morris' attention (since she started crying a few minutes after saying that if she were outside the house with all this pressure, she would have been on her 3rd round of sex). But if that was her intention, it might have worked cos she stole a few kisses with the Ugandan while he tried to be the good guy by consoling her!

Sadly though, if these housemates think that the crying gets them sympathy from the viewers, then boy, there may be more crying outside the house when they get evicted and realise that they simply have cried themselves back to their former lives empty handed!


Did anyone notice TK in the house last week? Yeah, that should be the first question, cos the guy is so absent from everything! So absent that even the housemates seemed to have lost track of him as he surprisingly did not get a single vote during the nominations. Where does he hide? What does he do? Why is he there? Is he even there?

But then, for those who got to see him at all during the week, was it me or did he wear that sweater for 3 sraight days? We can understand that he does not care about fashion and how he looks but wearing the same unpretty top for 3 whole days, then giving it a day's break and putting it back on for the 4th time, just isn't 'werking'! On the day he took it off, a viewer summed things up beautifuly on the sms strapline by writing; "Quick housemates, TK's top is lying in the lounge. Hurry, go hide it!" God abeg o...


Going into a house for 91 days to live with 11 total strangers; $100,000.

Watching BBA3 in Nigeria for 3 months by viewers; $225

Latoya, flirting around the house with Morricco; $1667 in a future Nollywood movie.

The look on Uti's face (while leaning on a crying Tawana's back) when Tawana asked the question; "Who ever nominates a nice person like Latoya?" Priceless!

WHAT!!! That look of guilt and mischief on his face was worth much more than $100,000! I swear you had to have seen it to understand...


This time it looks like too many twists might spoil the entire show for people. Okay we loved the fake evictions from last week but now, we are told that two out of the 3 nominees for this week (Latoya, Tawana and Sheila) would be evicted on sunday but they would not be going home. They would then move into a special BB rubbish dump (whatever that is) and live there for a whole week after which one of the housemates would be permanently evicted and the other sent back into the house. I like the idea of twists and how it breeds serious controversy in the house but I just hope it doesn't become one too many!

I also like the fact that Latoya thinks seriously that Ricco as head of house has saved her from possible eviction. Can't wait to see what she does when she finds out that her ass is up (even if literally speaking)!

After the 2 fake nominees were sent back into the house, the other guys were understandably edgy and the smokers simply wanted their cigarrettes to cool off. They had none and then went on to do what I still find so shocking to even comprehend. They took out tea bags, ripped the tea from inside them, rolled them up in paper and started smoking! Who smokes tea? If that is a Kenyan or Zimbabwean or Botswanan or Angolan tradition (since it was Sheila, Munya, Tawana and Ricco that did smoke), it sure is one that makes no sense. It was not funny and can't even be made light hearted... With Ricco's alleged withdrawal symptoms and many other unclear things, who knows what else they could smoke?

Sick as far as I am concerned!!!


While the other housemates were dancing away to DJ Waxxy's beats on saturday night in the garden, TK and Tawana suddenly sneaked out into the bedroom and were soon under the sheets making funny sounds and moving in weird ways. Did they have sex or nearly did?

Meanwhile, TK had been sharing a bed at night with Sheila all along and hadn't really shown signs before then of feelings towards Tawana. Tawana had also earlier said she would like to bed Munya; who is sadly head over hills in want of Lucille; who is not sure whom amongst Uti, Munya, TK and Ricco she wants. Meanwhile, Ricco likes her too and was caught massaging her and blowing her kisses severally but he shares his bed with Latoya instead, after reclaiming her from Morris. Now Morris used to be woth Latoya but seems to have lost out and Ricco is in the driving seat.

But then Ricco was noted to have said that he also kissed Mimi on a certain night even though Mimi allegedly likes Morris, who unfortunately doesn't have any feelings for her and so might have to look elsewhere. That elsewhere better not be Hazel though since she seems to have the hots for Uti who might actually want Lucille instead since he says he likes fly, light skinned girls! Confused? Me too...


Last week, Munya seemed to have it. But now, naah! As weird as that house is, even TK or Hazel could win it after all... But the highlight of the week had to be Uti. He was everywhere, spoke his mind, cussed, fought, smiled and got scared he would be nominated! He sure rocked the house...

See ya next week!


Anonymous said...

I'M 1ST!!!!!!!!!

Damolah~Munyalicious! said...

this week...100% on point! lol. that look on Uti's fce wen he was behind Tawana was PRICELESS! u got the word ryt!
methinks uti is doing gud but he nids to slow down just a lil bit cos he may get a bit much... im likin him tho.
Munya seems to be loosing the plot cos of Lucille, but i think he's got his game back on now!
Morris nominating Thami? wot was he thinkin? he said he had no one else to nominate. wt happend to the 5people that he saw nominated him?
Tawana bursting out last nyt was kinda hilarious, gud to c that people like that have an "over"sensitive side...lol.
latoya thinking ricco saved her...indeed, shes in 4 a rude shock! lol
i rly rly like these housemates tho! they seem kinda "together", thats y the Heads-of-house have found it difficult to swop!
Nice analysis for this week Ebuka!

2hot4fendi said...

thanx for the unruly upd8, Lol
just doing the countdown to my trip to 9ja, then I can watch and give u my take as well,
and till then Uti 4 d money!!!!!!!!!!!

mizchif said...

Thanks for the update once again.
But can't lie, that "in other news" paragraph confused me die!
I feel like i need to get a pen & paper, put all the names down and match them.

U will never guess who... said...

yeah i have to give it to you... your expression is very apt!!! Impressive

fresh said...

I like, I like I likey! LOL...I love your analysis...really interesting….everyone’s entitled to his/her own opinion jare so expect critical and the not-so-critical comments here…. I quite agree with you on most of your views…
Sheila always states she’s never watched BBA before but seems to know so much about the past contestants. Na wah o! Magic? Maybe so….
Tawana now sees the face of eviction and she’s scared stiff! LOL at the viewers calling her granny…I think she overplayed her hand too early, trying so hard to force her ‘feminism’ down our throats and her I don’t like girls attitude! Off with her to her Namibian goats!
Mimi….Now this girl is sneaky to me! She is tactically nominating her competition…and she always has good reasons too…It’s too early to tell, for sure, but that girl can dance!
Lucille….I think she’s a beautiful liar. Plain & simple. She really doesn’t bring any pizzaz to the game so I wonder why people are pining for her outside the house? Munya, I can understand because he is locked up and is trying to take what he can get but for the people outside the House? Nah Come on!
Latoya to me is just a girl trying hard to create a stir in the house, which is good…I mean we want entertainment right? But her strategy is weak…but seems to have fallen through. I watched Mondays’ diary room session - the live one before the nomination show and she told Big Brother she wanted Ricco and Morris to be at war because of her. Well, well, that plan seems to have fallen through because she hasn’t done anything of note maybe due to her eviction nomination. Lets see….
Hazel, Hazel, Hazel…I think she’s under the radar. Playing it safe…she seems to be attached to Thami but is this a strategy to get the South African vote?
For the guys, Munya, the well spoken one…I see nothing to him save for his likeness for Lucille which seems to fade away by the day. He seems to have such a dislike for Uti which he feels is mutual but I don’t quite think so…..
Ricco to me has sooooo many personalities…he came in trying to be d man….hard guy! Now his shell has cracked…I last saw him crying after he was summoned by Big Brother when he asked him whether he wanted to change the nominations…No, he did not…and he came out crying…
Thami! He has the SMS to me (short man syndrome) and I think he doesn’t belong in the house. Frankly. He’s struggling to keep up with the rest of the house and he generally reminds me of the word wannabe. The South Africans are showing enormous support for their home boy but that won’t be enough to bring the Moola home as they say. I’ll eat my hat if he wins. I swear it.
TK. What surprised me most was when he said Uti was lazy..not that he isn’t…but TK is in no position to say it. He’s the laziest house mate. All he does is to Sit, Drink, Smoke, Talk- to Shiela, Tawana and the rest of his smoking buddies. And lest I forget- wear that dreadful sweater.
Morris, Morris, Morris the traitor. Morris, the unsuccessful man in Latoys’s life. The one who had a plan with former not-evictee Thami to ‘show’ them, the people who voted him out. Nominating Thami for eviction? Not such a good move I’d say…yes, you’ve lost South African votes but most of the world is sentimental and a traitor is hardly ever forgiven. He didn’t even have a plausible reason for nominating him…
And finally Uti….He has a Major Ego issue and over Nigerianises if I may use the word…lazy, has been heard saying foolish things such as ‘only men who are sissys cook’- in reference to Thami, and any girl who is raped, asked for it. Na wah o! I can’t believe such foolishness…Otherwise the guy is amiable and is friendly with all the housemates. His voting has been tactical to me, with him voting off his perceived competition and with good reasons too!
Maybe I should start my own blog? ;)

In the meantime unruly....you really should update more often now???

Anonymous said...

UTI is a lazy bastard and 70% percent of stuff he says about Nigeria just makes me cringe. But hey, I guess it is his reality.

SPEECHgirl Bucknor said...

get up
put the remote down

Da Injurer said...

No need to watch BBA 3again as your posts are right on. your analysis is too superb. You would have made a good analyst for the CIA if you were that inclined!
Keep the ink pad flowing!


wow, first time here and really thorough breakdown.

yankeenaijababe said...

Very interesting analysis , good job Ebuka. Seriously enjoyed it. I have been following the show every weekend. Uti Rocks! That's for sure. I think Tawana and Tk had Sexy cos everyone's been saying it on the forum. Morris is lucky to be back in the house. I think he is very mature. As for Thiami, I enjoy watching him grab the alcohol and the others 3 guys were trying to reach for the bottle. He is a kid to be precise, cracks you up, very funny dude. I think Uti and Thiami have a thing for each other as friends. Enjoying the show so much. The Dj rocked this time around, the nite of dancing and they played Psquare...everyone was dancing like "Do me , Do me , Do me"..that was fun.

Brown Shuga said...

Hey Bubu!! Just showing some love, will be back to read and comment!

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